“To Engage, Equip, Empower & Elevate Survivors of Sex Trafficking in order that they may live successful, independent lives in their community.”

Inspiring Hope. Informing Choices. Partnering Success.

1/99 is possible because of our amazing volunteers! We are always looking for unique skills/contributions in many areas. Reach out below to get more information.

Ways that you can support this ministry:

Pray: The Human Trafficking industry is an exceptionally dark place, and those victimized by it as well as those working to end it, need your prayers. We also ask that you pray for God’s blessings upon 1/99 as we move forward in carrying out our part of the mission.

Give: We invite you to prayerfully consider supporting us financially. The mission is great, and it comes at a real cost. But through your donations, we can make a real and lasting impact in the war against human trafficking.

Volunteer: We have quarterly volunteer training for those interested in working with our 1/99 participants. For more information, please reach out through the 1/99 Contact Page

Educate Yourself: The Stop Trafficking Project and The Human Trafficking Training Center are two local organizations that are working very hard to educate the public about the dangers of Human Trafficking.

Raise Awareness: We would love for you to share with your community about the work 1/99 is doing.

You can follow us on all major social media platforms, as well as join our email community where you can receive the latest information and news.

Build Community: The unfortunate reality of human trafficking is that it is happening everywhere. We encourage you to be intentional with your community. Check-in with your friends consistently, build relationships with at-risk youth in your community, keep your eyes open, and don’t be afraid to ask hard questions. Solid support systems can prevent trafficking before it can occur.

Survivor Resources

Get the support and assistance you need. 


Volunteer, and support make a difference.